Campaign images against a South Tyrolean mountain backdrop: Creative visions for IDM South Tyrol


We had the unique opportunity to stage the images for a new campaign as well as the presentation of some high-quality products from South Tyrol in our studio – an assignment in collaboration with our client IDM Südtirol. Working as a team with our client and their advertising agency, we worked with dedication and professionalism to bring their vision to life.

Even pictures that appear to be taken outdoors against the impressive backdrop of the South Tyrolean mountains are created in our air-conditioned studio on Lake Kaltern. This allows us to protect not only the models but also ourselves from unpredictable weather conditions and the challenges of the sun’s timing on the day of the shoot. We can also create ideal temperatures and conditions for the food on set.

By using a large canvas in the background, on which the South Tyrolean mountains are printed, we can create the final photo directly in front of the camera – without time-consuming cropping or digital post-processing. This creative approach made the collaboration with the advertising agency and the IDM managers much easier.

At times like this, more than ten people may be working on a set at the same time. Large-format live monitors, a comfortable working environment and plenty of space are essential to give everyone involved the best view of the action. We value harmonious collaboration and the exchange of ideas to ensure that every detail is captured perfectly. In our studio, we can offer our clients and partners exactly this creative space.

In addition to the campaign images, we also had the privilege of creating the cover images for the recipes with the original quality products from South Tyrol. This was done in close collaboration with a food stylist, the IDM team and the advertising agency. Together, we were able to create not only visually appealing but also authentic images that showcase the quality and variety of South Tyrolean products in a special way.