Photography is like love: First, there has to be a good spark. You know: butterflies in the stomach, a pleasant tingling sensation, jumps of joy, the whole program. But it takes more than that to turn the initial euphoria into lasting happiness. For example, empathy. The right tools. And one or two tricks of the trade.

Klaus Peterlin

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Highlights and current projects

Hotel Wiesergut
Hotel Waldhof
Stöckli – Dörrex
Hotel Schwarzenstein
Castel Sallegg
Q36.5 – Absolutely Equipment

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What Klaus Peterlin offers you

Many people can take photographs. Even really well. But only a few can paint with light and shadow, turn small moments into a big story and burn themselves into the memory forever with a single picture. Few like us.


You must have seen this: Our 300 m³ high-end photo studio in Kaltern on the lake

Props & Materials Archive

Exactly the right thing: In our large warehouse you will find a huge selection of props, decoration material, props and background elements.

Scene construction

If you want more: special effects, weather simulation, 3D prints and professional props.


The perfect finishing touch: We take care of the right look and the perfect retouching right in house.

Network of specialists

Professionals in their field: whether visas, styling, models, creatives – we have the best of the best.

Consulting & Concept

Talking is the key: For the first vague ideas or concrete conceptions.

That´s amore!

What our customers say


When I need a photo that really sits and has been taken in a highly professional manner, I take them with Klaus Peterlin. You don’t go home until the photo is the way you want it.

Thomas - Meatery
Miriana Caravanpark #1

Klaus Peterlin is one of the photographers who knows how to convey the uniqueness of our facility in photos. He really knows how to distinguish what we are.

Miriana - Caravan Park Sexten
Miriana Caravanpark #1
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-11 um 16.17.37

From the briefing to the implementation, we were very satisfied with the work of Klaus Peterlin and his team. Everything was very clear for us, very understandable and the results are impressive.

Thomas - Eisaktaler Kellerei
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-11 um 16.17.37
Richard Putz - hrop

As a law firm, we advise foreign companies for their operations in Italy and do so at an international level. In Klaus Peterlin we have found a partner who can capture our identity in extremely high-quality images.

Richard - HROP

Want some butterflies?

People, products, places

Motion Pictures
Business – Portrait

Good cooperation & exciting assignments...

Our customers become partners and remain friends

Photography is a matter of trust. And, in the best case, a covenant for (business) life. I am proud that we are constantly expanding the circle of our satisfied customers.

to name just a few ...

Quite moving!

Photo and video

Sometimes it just has to be moving pictures. So it’s a good thing that our team not only takes outstanding pictures, but also shoots breathtaking videos.
Using synergies is our motto and so we combine photography and motion on the same set, in the same situation. The image style, the lighting mood and the appearance remain the same.

We are the team around Klaus Peterlin

With an uncompromising passion for outstanding photography

I am Klaus Peterlin. Together with my team, I make sure that your idea becomes a million-dollar shot, the soul of your product starts to shine and your story gets a face. How do we do that? With an uncompromising passion for outstanding photography. With the right eye for detail and a sense for the big picture. With outstanding technology, decades of experience and the claim to tackle every project in a highly professional and dedicated manner. And if you get heart palpitations even after the hundredth glance at your pictures, we have fulfilled our mission.

We in numbers

Because we love what we do


Photos finalized

Don't just "pull the trigger." We hone our images until they are perfect.



We don't take photos every day. But because preparation is half the battle, we deal with our shoots every day.


Satisfied customers

Industry, commerce, hospitality - and everything in between. We always give our best for our great customers.



Everyone has their own special strengths. Only in a team do they come into their own.



Emotion! Only when the goose bumps stand and tears of joy flow, we are satisfied.

It´s a match!

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