Product and advertising photography Castel Sallegg in Kaltern

Bottle photography is as diverse and unique as the wines themselves. The limits of what is feasible are easily found here. Between perfect reflections, beautiful gloss effects and legibility, we would often all too gladly bend physics a bit ;).

Through the most diverse bottle shapes, labels and wines, but above all through the most diverse wishes of our customers, bottle photography is always a new exciting challenge for us.

Getting a handle on the reflections of the bottles is a task in itself. In order to reproduce the bottle shapes accurately, the reflections for the contours must be set perfectly. This requires quite a lot of patience and also some time until the bottles appear according to our ideas.

But the bottles are not even half the battle. The labels also need to be perfectly staged. Various printing effects such as relief or hot foil printing demand all our skills. Just don’t ruin the look of the bottles.

What in the end is the “right” gloss, on the label. How the reflections are on the hardly imaginable golden fonts is usually discussed and defined in advance with the customer. Legibility is the top priority here, but the look must not suffer as a result. Always a balancing act for us.

In the end, however, it’s the appearance and image composition that counts the most. Because human perception through photos happens within a fraction of a second. In which the viewer decides whether the seen is important for him or not. Thereby emotions play a superficial role. That is exactly why photos remain in memory, because the contemplation of those evoke one or more feelings.

Lifestyle wine. Therefore, the legibility, the sharpness of the label is secondary. The feeling it awakens in us viewers is of importance. Because if looking at your wine photos is pure joy, we have done everything right.