Present yourself and your company professionally with high-quality business portraits! Because, the first impression counts and with a strong appearance of your employees and yourself, you guarantee a strong presentation of your company. No matter if you are a small business, medium-sized business or corporation, a professional appearance is essential for everyone.

We make sure that the portraits fit you and your company perfectly, so that you are suitable for any use. We take into account not only your wishes, but also your overall appearance and corporate identity. Authenticity plays a crucial role in corporate communications. Therefore, we make sure that your business portrait creates a connection between your company and your customers.

You want all employees to have the same look? No problem! Even if we can’t shoot all the portraits on the same set or on the same day, we will create all the images for you in the same style, as if they were taken at the same place and time. Each portrait is individual to us, yet maintains the look and togetherness.

Whether we take your portraits in our studio or directly in your company, we ensure naturalness and authenticity. A shot directly on location at your company can be advantageous, as it also represents the working environment of your employees and can thus represent your company even better. Through careful and competent consultation, detailed preparation and our many years of experience and expertise, we guarantee a productive implementation.

Translated with DeepL

La nostra esperienza pluriennale e la nostra competenza distintiva, così come le nostre attrezzature di alta gamma, vi garantiscono una consulenza e una preparazione attenta e competente. Anche le foto di gruppo dei vostri dipendenti sono in ottime mani con noi. Qui prestiamo attenzione a una buona preparazione per ridurre al minimo il tempo sul set.

Management portraits also require special attention. We therefore offer you expressive and individual portraits for the design of various press or business reports. And the best thing about it: our special plus is posture and gesture coaching as well as training in facial expressions, which are included.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tenuta Manincor and Lebensraum Interior. For this shooting we were allowed to use different rooms of Winery Manincor in Kaltern and the showroom of Lebensraum Interior in Lana.