Product photography for Tramin Winery

Visualizing the range of scents and aromas of special wines enclosed in the bottles: this is exactly the thought with which we set to work.

The passion of the 160 or so winegrowing families and the team at the Tramin Winery to produce this wonderful range of wines must be represented through the bottles. Truly a mammoth task.


The range of Tramin Winery includes a collection of fascinating masterpieces, which are grouped into different lines. Through the different types of bottles and colors you can recognize its affiliation.

The technology makes it possible, through the exact color calibration of all our devices in interaction with a trained eye allows us in our workflow very precisely reproduce all colors. This begins with a precisely calibrated flash, the exclusion of interfering light sources and ends in post-production on the computer monitor.

The goal is to present the elegance and character of the bottles in such a way that the viewer and possible customer of the Tramin Winery’s mouth waters just by looking at them. Then we have fulfilled our mission.

One such tricky challenge is the relief on the bottles, which shows the logo of the Tramin Winery. To be able to depict this ideally, we had to dig deep into our bag of tricks.